Strategic projects

The Centre for Research Ceibal Foundation was created in 2014 with the aim of promoting research, analysis, discussion and knowledge transfer, in order to support the education system and to better understand the use of digital technologies in education.

Since its creation, Ceibal Foundation has developed several activities for promoting research and capacity building in ICT and education; creating regional and international partnerships with research centers, government agencies, international companies and others.

One of the main activities for promoting research lies in the creation of the fund “Digital Inclusion: Education with New Horizons”. The fund created by Ceibal Foundation and the National Agency for Research and Innovation in Uruguay (ANII). The fund currently finances 12 research projects.


Ceibal Foundation also leads its own research projects among which:


  1. “Rúbricas de Evaluación a 360º” (joint research project to create and test a new tool for assessing 21st century skills). The project is implemented with the Faculty of Psychology (University of the Republic - Uruguay) and New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) Uruguay Cluster.
  2. Implementation of CBT “Global Literacy and Skills Test” in Uruguay (joint project of Ceibal Foundation and Benesse Corporation - Japan to test 21st century skills).
  3. Implementation of Learning Analytics and information tools for support teaching. Project submitted to the Korean Fund for Poverty Reduction (Inter-American Development Bank). The project is a collaboration between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Korean Fund for Poverty Reduction.
  4. Cognition Matters in Uruguay. Joint project between Ceibal Foundation and the Enhancement Cognitive Foundation (Sweden). The project consists in a cognitive training programme focused in the following areas: mathematical training and work memory in children.
  5. Participation in the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) lead by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). This collaboration is conducted in partnership with National Institute of Educational Assessment (INEED) in Uruguay.
  6. Building Tools to Measure the Use of ICTs in Education. This regional project aims to create better instruments to asses the impact of ICT use in schools, in view of supporting government policies that leverage the use of technology to improve education. The leading institution is the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) from Canada and Foundation to Higher Education and Development (Fundación para la Educación Superior) in Colombia. Fundación Ceibal also collaborate in this initiative in partnership with agencies from the Ministries of Education of Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.


Regarding international cooperation in the field of ICT and education, several agreements have been concluded with the goal of enhancing international collaboration, capacity-building, and knowledge transfer. In addition, it is also relevant to mention contacts with M.I.T (USA), Coventry University (UK), SOLAR (USA), UNESCO (Regional Office), IDRC (Canada).