Uruguay in the 2017 Global DQ Index Study

Through Ceibal Foundation, Uruguay will participate in the global study on digital citizenship, by the DQ Institute.
The DQ Institute seeks to promote the development of digital intelligence (DQ) understood as the sum of the social, emotional, and cognitive skills that allow individuals to meet the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life.
These skills enhance the training of active subjects, capable of creating new opportunities and are based on three major dimensions: Citizenship, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
Currently the study includes the following countries: USA, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and since 2017 Uruguay.
In this first phase the study intends to evaluate the abilities referring to the Digital Citizenship dimension. The importance of this dimension is due to the need to educate the new generations on good practices, considering the increasing exposure of their personal information through the use of digital devices.
DQ Institute defines Digital Citizenship as the skills needed to use technologies safely, responsibly and effectively.
Key skills include: Online identity management, online privacy, online time, risks associated with Internet use, cybersecurity, digital "fingerprints," critical thinking, and online empathy. The following image  describes each one of these abilities:




Instrument characteristics

The instrument consists in a online test, self-administered, which is composed by 60 multiple choice questions. The estimated duration is 1 hour.

For the national case the study will be implemented in spanish over a  no representative sample of kids from 8 to 12 years old, correspondients to a group of metropolitan public schools. 

The study will take place during a week, in the beginning of november.