Presentation of research results “The use of technology in teacher´s training and teaching activity”.

The Education and New Technologies Project (PENT) of FLACSO Argentina, will present the keys of the research process and the main results on March 15 at 5:30 pm, in the auditorium of the Argentine Headquarters of FLACSO, located in Tucumán 1966,  Buenos Aires.

The activity is cost-free for participation both in person and online, requiring prior registration through the following form:

How do the didactic representations affect the use of technologies in the preparation of teaching plans, classroom activities and evaluation? How do the previous experiences of the teaching students influence the didactic design with technologies? These questions are adressed by this research, a project funded by the National Agency for Innovation and Research, Fundación Ceibal, and carried out by the PENT FLACSO research team Argentina, together with the FLACSO Uruguay team, under the direction of Dr. Silvina Casablancas.

The research was proposed to demonstrate what are the didactic proposals with technology developed by fourth-year interns and new  teachers in Uruguay. The formative part that goes from the subjective use through the teacher training institutes to the primary classrooms was studied in depth.


You will be able to know much more about this research process and its results on March 15th.



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