CEIBAL Plan: new technologies, pedagogies, ways to learning, teaching and assessing

Recently,  the book "Assessment Experiences in Digital Technologies in Education" was published by Fundación Telefónica Vivo, with the cooperation of UNESCO. The publication, whose objective is to investigate the Latin American experiences of evaluation about the various educational experiences based on the use of technology, counts on the contributions of several authors, among them Dr. Cristóbal Cobo with his article "CEIBAL Plan: New technologies, pedagogies, ways of teaching, learning and assessing ".

The article analyzes the main characteristics of the Ceibal Plan, starting with the achievements in reducing the inequality of access to technologies and the advances in digital literacy of the Uruguayan population compared to 2006, the year of beginning of the program.

Then, Cobo stops at the initiatives that are currently being developed from Ceibal Plan, noting the expansion of its initial accessibility and use goals ten years ago. These objectives have been extended to the promotion of new pedagogies, and new ways of teaching and learning, for the promotion of fully integrated subjects to 21st century societies. Among these initiatives is Ceibal en InglésLabted, the Red Global de Aprendizajes, and the Centro de Estudios Fundación Ceibal.

Finally, a characterization of the main evaluation initiatives currently carried out by the Plan is made, highlighting the SEA (Sistema de Evaluación de Aprendizajes)PAM (Plataforma Adaptativa de Matemática)Evalaución Adaptativa de Inglés and the design of New Metrics, by the Red Global de Aprendizajes.

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