Resources and Platforms

  •     Production and appropriation of educational resources.
  •     Accessibility, usability and inclusion.
  •     BYOD and mobile devices.
  •     DIY technologies.

Main questions

How should the field of education be prepared for technological change and new cycles of innovation? How should an ongoing innovation and monitoring ecosystem capable of adopting and customizing new technologies to the learning needs of children and adolescents be developed?


To identify and analyze global trends in technologies (software, hardware) applied to education. To analyze ICT incorporating experiences, both within and outside the classroom. To analyze the interaction between applications, content and devices used autonomously by students, assisted by teachers and in a collaborative manner with their peers. To monitor collective usage, production and exchange of educational resources for effective implementation of new teaching practices. To conduct studies on the quality of the user experience. To design new educational and teaching support tools. The research in this field is intended to become an input for technological monitoring, strategic planning, identifying trends and developing predictive models applied to the use and development of the demand in infrastructure and technology platforms.