New Ways of Knowing, Learning, Teaching and Evaluate

  •     New pedagogies (deep learning) and technologies.
  •     Cognition and Metacognition.
  •     New Approaches Curriculum.
  •     Multi- learning environment.
  •     Formal, Informal and non-formal learning.
  •     Learning and customization

Main questions

Under what conditions and pedagogical strategies can technologies best serve to learn how to learn? What practices, tools and devices allow the development, evaluation and identification of deep learning?


We seek to understand how ICT can stimulate cognition, and in what contexts it can improve cognitive and emotional processes in children and adolescents. We seek to analyze to what extent multi-contextual learning (formal, non-formal and informal) supported by technology can influence learning styles and processes. Based on a deep learning approach, we seek to rethink curricular and pedagogical strategies that recognize different ways to learn and to share the knowledge learned.