Extended learning achievements

  •     Performance and performance.
  •     Evaluation of achievements in both formal and informal learning.
  •     Effects on school learning.
  •     New rubrics, metrics and indicators.

Main questions

What changes in terms of knowledge, skills, talents and behaviors are identified by the use of technology? How can monitoring and assessment of traditional knowledge be brought together with deep learning skills? How can evaluation tools which are more versatile and consistent with the learning that encourages the use of technology be designed?


To promote, facilitate and carry out studies to assess the educational and social impacts of Plan Ceibal, with particular regard to the ‘knowledge gap’. To identify, analyze and systematize adaptable and customizable tools to assess the development of knowledge and skills, as well as deep learning and learning for life. To design a baseline to recognize learning achievements (knowledge, skills, talents) stimulated through the formal and informal use of digital technologies. To include and compare longitudinal education performance indicators.