Educators in the Digital Age

  •     Initial training and use of technology.
  •     Innovation in the professionalisation.
  •     The teacher as a knowledge worker: motivation and recognition.
  •     Profiles teachers in the XXI century.
  •     New ways to boost performance.

Main questions

What are the most important challenges in teaching culture to incorporate technology to the classroom? What strategies and incentives are critical to accelerate educational update processes in relation to the pedagogical and knowledge changes that society is currently facing?


To identify and contextualize frontier strategies to develop a digital technology culture in teachers commensurate to educational challenges, both for deep learning and the incorporation of technology. To identify different teacher profiles and to learn how to professionalize technology-supported learning and how to publicize these achievements in society. To identify and systematize those practices that allow teachers to be brought up-to-date in the development of new ways to access, process, generate and share knowledge.